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With Oscilloquartz, ADVA Optical Reaches To The Top Of Mobile N/W Timing And Sync Business

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ADVA Optical Networking announced today the successful completion of its acquisition of Oscilloquartz SA from the Swatch Group.

The acquisition is a major milestone for ADVA Optical Networking as it continues its rapid expansion into the synchronization business.

The acquisition now provides ADVA Optical Networking with a complete end-to-end solution for the delivery and assurance of highly accurate timing – a first within the industry. This end-to-end solution is of vital importance to an increasingly broad market. It’s not only critical in the development of mobile broadband networks but also to a wide range of enterprises, including financial organizations, utility companies and government institutions.

“There can be no question that timing delivery and assurance will be one of the most important technologies in our industry, in our networks,” said Gil Biran, senior vice president, Corporate Development and Strategy, ADVA Optical Networking and designated management leader, Oscilloquartz.

“It will be crucial to the development and, ultimately, the success of so many businesses, especially for mobile network operators seeking to leverage the opportunities of TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A). With the acquisition of Oscilloquartz we have a unique advantage over anyone else in the industry. The scalability of our solution from the core to the last mile of the network, the accuracy of our clock recovery and the experience of our team is second to none. Timing distribution and assurance is an end-to-end technology and not just needed in the core or at the edge of a network. Our combined solution is a game changer, a true competitive edge,” Gil Biran added.

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