WhatsApp Reportedly Crosses 50 Million Active Users In India

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp now reportedly has 50 million active users in India. The app which was acquired by Facebook has seen quite a steady growth in India, one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones.

The app has also entered a deal with Airtel to offer its users Whatsapp only data plans, ranging from Rs 36 to Rs 49, according to a report in BGR. However, there isn’t any official confirmation about the 50 million users mark.

WhatsApp announced 48 million active users in India last month, with the app adding a whopping 4 million active users per month. WhatsApp’s India user base now constitutes 10 percent of its global active user base.

That number could rise even further when Whatsapp brings voice calling to the app. While there are plenty of contenders for the messaging crown, none have as wide a cross-platform base as WhatsApp, which will be crucial as competition looks to new features to attract users. WhatsApp may not have stickers or random chat like some of its rivals, but the voice-calling feature could end up cementing its dominance in the space. Original post at First post Tech2

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