WebRTC’s Challenge: Large Scale Broadcasting

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For all the hype and momentum surrounding WebRTC, there is something it doesn’t do very well out of the box without additional help.  In the case of large scale live broadcast, it needs a lot of help. Issues such as distribution, latency, and mirroring all kick in once companies move from a simple peer-to-peer video session to multi-person and large scale broadcast.  Throw in some transcoding and things start to look, well, daunting.

A lot of current discussion around WebRTC broadcast was kicked off towards the end of last year by TokBox introducing its Spotlight Interactive Broadcast Solution.  Spotlight is engineered to enable multi-party panels, video-based audience participation and scaling to hundreds of viewers.   An individual can join a live broadcast, ask to participate in a broadcast, and be admitted to join a broadcast in real time with one or more presenters streamed to all audience members. Read more

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