WebRTC to Complement IP Communication Services

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Mobile operators can leverage WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology in several ways. This whitepaper considers the different options available from both a commercial and strategic perspective. Mobile operators could use WebRTC to extend the capabilities of their IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)-based infrastructures and expose their services to a larger number of customers and customer devices. Implemented through an internet browser, WebRTC has the advantage of not requiring a dedicated client software or a plug-in: Many browsers now have built-in support for peer-to-peer real-time communication.

In 2014, the GSMA Web Working Group published a whitepaper describing the technical attributes of WebRTC and identifying a number of opportunities at a high level for operators to benefit from this internet-based client technology. GSMA members and associate members can access that whitepaper on InfoCentre2. This new whitepaper builds on that paper by exploring the opportunities related to IMS implementation in greater detail.

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