WebRTC Reveals the Obsolescence of Most UC Systems

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WebRTC, the real-time communications standard established by Google and currently being adopted by the standards bodies, WC3 and IETF. WebRTC connects users in a UC environment with the click of a link. No need for plugins, proprietary software, usernames or cloud services (unless you want add-on functionality such as guaranteed quality of service). WebRTC just works, so users don’t have to think about platforms or software when they want to chat by video or share files.

Here are four ways that WebRTC improves upon the older UC model. To start with, WebRTC is secure by default, unlike many UC solutions, when you communicate over WebRTC you are ensured that communications is secure. Since WebRTC is embedded in apps and webpages with few lines of Javascript which offers better user experience. With WebRTC communication becomes simple by removing plugins and proprietary software from the equation. Finally WebRTC is cheaper compared to standard proprietary solutions. Read more

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