Webinars Powered by WebTRC Functionality

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TruConf Server 4.3.5 enterprise video conferencing service solution includes WebRTC functionality, which allows enterprise licenses to host video conferences more securely. As the company points out, “Unlike cloud services, a webinar administrator using TrueConf Server has a complete control over the infrastructure of the conference, offering maximum security for the event.”

This is a point highlighted by Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO, who says, “Webinar support is the result of detailed analysis of video conferencing solutions available on the market. We paid attention to the fact that the customers often look for an easy way to communicate beyond the enterprise network.” He added, “Webinars – as a part of a dedicated video conferencing server – are a convenient way for users to participate in group conferences by following the link, [a feature] well-known from cloud-based products but now made to be truly secure.” Read more

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