Webinar: vCPE Deployments in the Cloud or Premise

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The customer premise is changing and operators (Service Provider and Enterprise) are anxiously awaiting how this new way of service deployment will take shape. Vendors are beginning to present and guide the industry on what the new virtual edge journey will entail.

Virtual CPE (vCPE) is undoubtedly one of most interesting and deceptively complicated New IP (Intelligent Platform) oriented premise edge deployment models. It offers the promise of decreased operational time with intelligent automation to bring forth customizable services and net new services for consumption. However, not all vCPE elements, cloud or premise based, are alike.

What you will take away from this event:

  • Become educated on what deployment models are available for you to adopt
  • Understand the critical differentiation that Brocade offers to ensure a highly available and virtually efficient vCPE
  • Learn about Brocade partners and the ecosystem that is required to ensure a positive and successful deployment of vCPE for the cloud or premise
  • Hear from our experts about what you should look for in your decision of choosing a technical and business partner as you adopt this new service deployment model

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