Webinar: Signaling Network Vulnerabilities EXPOSED

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Mobile operators today are facing growing exposure in the mass media of the potential subscriber privacy exposure that represents huge risk to the whole industry and loss of trust within mobile users. This can have uncontrollable effect on the traditional operator revenues accelerating revenue loss and transition to the data pipe business scenarios. Therefore it is important to take consolidated actions and make sure that the industry is gaining trust back ensuring great quality of service and subscriber privacy.

Operators need to be more aware of these newer and greater risks to their networks, and introduce a number of new disciplines. Security expert Ilia Abramov will discuss recent publications in the press related to the signaling network vulnerabilities and explore SS7 fraud that threatens mobile network security and subscriber privacy. He will identify the risks, determine protection scenarios and highlight important security considerations for LTE signaling network planning.

What attendees will learn:

  • Summary of recently exposed mobile network vulnerabilities
  • The anatomy of mobile network attacks
  • Understanding protection methods
  • Secure network design planning from 2G to LTE

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