Webinar: IoT – Opportunities for Carriers and Vendors

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The Internet of Things is bringing new players into the wireless ecosystem and creating new opportunities for carriers. While mobile operators see opportunities in asset tracking, mobile health monitoring and industrial IoT, vendors are focusing on the low power, short range connectivity solutions that will be needed to keep billions of things connected. LTE-M, or LTE for machines, represents an opportunity for the base station vendors, and small cell vendors also see promise in IoT. Infrastructure service providers are looking at the possibility that carriers, or new competitors like Sigfox, will deploy new sites to support the ISM band. Telecom software specialists and network architects are focusing on the massive increase in signaling traffic that will result from connecting billions of new devices to wireless IP networks.

What you will learn:
1. Which carriers are taking the lead in IoT, and how do they plan to monetize IoT connections?
2. Do Sigfox, LoRa and Thread represent threats to mobile operators? How are these low power networks connecting devices and what is the business model? 3. What opportunities does IoT represent for infrastructure vendors? 4. How is the IoT impacting employment and hiring?

Who should attend:
1. Wireless carrier executives with strategic planning roles or interest
2. Enterprise IT executives with an interest in private M2M networks 3. Sales and marketing professionals with wireless infrastructure vendors 4. Human resources professionals who serve wireless, telecom and technology clients

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