Webinar: Five Compelling Reasons Network Virtualization and SDN Can and Should Extend Beyond the Data Center

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On the heels of the SDxCentral Network Virtualization Report, end-to-end network virtualization vendor Avaya, talks about why network virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) can and should extend across the entire enterprise network.

SDN deployments are quickly starting to ramp up within the enterprise data center. However, the campus network is still generally burdened with legacy networking technologies and manual configuration practices. As the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly becomes a reality for industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, the campus network needs to evolve to deliver secure and dynamic connectivity for end users, IoT devices and their applications.

Hosted by Scott Raynovich from SDxCentral, who will set the stage on the network virtualization market, Avaya’s Senior Director of Product Management Randy Cross makes the case that network virtualization and SDN shouldn’t just be confined to the four walls of the data center. Extending these technologies into the campus and branch can allow your business to:

  • Create a contiguous service layer for end to end visibility of quality and performance between applications and the users/ devices that are leveraging them.
  • Prepare for the IoT through the secure, zero touch interconnection of end users and IoT devices (medical devices, IP video surveillance cameras, wireless APs, and more) with their applications.
  • Isolate and protect sensitive information and applications for security and/or compliance purposes through simplified network segmentation strategies that span the data center to user edge.
  • Deploy multicast-dependent applications such as video surveillance, IPTV, digital signage and desktop imaging with greater performance, scale, and simplicity (without any PIM protocols) to enable safe and more efficient workplaces.
  • More effectively address employee productivity and customer experience where the problem most often occurs and when users connect to the network.

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