Webinar: Automation & Vendor Interoperability Between Dialogic’s Real-Time Multimedia VNFs & Oracle’s MANO Layer

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Real-Time multimedia focussed applications that provide collaborative, contextual and interactive voice video will be a major consumer of resources in evolving virtualized networks. Network functions virtualization (NFV) promises flexibility, elasticity, automation and a shift away from proprietary hardware with an industry backed framework built on open standards, but interoperability still is a main concern for service providers and other ecosystem participants to speed this technology shift along. In this DemoFriday, Dialogicand Oracle will demonstrate the interoperability between a virtual network function (VNF) and a VNF Manager to enable automated lifecycle management of applications in a virtualized environment.

In this demonstration:

  • You’ll learn the challenges NFV deployments have with rich media processing applications and how they can be addressed
  • You’ll discover how Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS media resource function (MRF) and media resource broker (MRB) applications interoperate with Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator to allow the dynamic deployment of media processing VNFs to give an elastic solution in response to changing traffic demands made by audio conferencing applications

Combining the Dialogic PowerMedia range of products in collaboration with Oracle’s Application Orchestrator provides an extremely powerful solution set. The demonstration will include the following high level steps:

  • On-boarding Dialogic’s MRB and XMS MRF using the Oracle Application Orchestrator
  • Automated scaling of MRF capacity in response to changing demands in conferencing traffic

This DemoFriday event is intended for service provider engineering, planning, operations and IT experts engaged in helping their companies evolve to NFV and virtualized environments to:

  • Learn more about guiding principles on deploying real-time multimedia VNF applications
  • Get a better understanding of the interaction involved in establishing automated application lifecycle management

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