Volkswagen, Audi Cars To Equip With Vodafone’s 4G Network

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Bringing 4G capable Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity to Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, Vodafone continues to develop a strong position in the automotive market.

Vodafone Friday signed a new agreement with the two automobile manufacturers in Europe to provide automotive connectivity, starting with new Audi models from 2015.

An embedded SIM chip developed specifically for the automobile industry will feature in new vehicles. The Audi connect portfolio currently comprises in-car navigation, communications and infotainment services together with a WLAN Hotspot, Vodafone said.

The global SIM will be widely installed in vehicles in future and will use the Vodafone network and global M2M service platform to provide customers with high-speed Internet access on the road.

In 2013, the Audi S3 was the company’s first model to integrate a 4G-capable infotainment system– enabling Vodafone customers to benefit from access to the Vodafone 4G network in their vehicles.

Chief Executive of Vodafone Machine-to-Machine, Erik Brenneis, said, “As a result of this agreement, we will strengthen further our position in the automotive sector – one of the key markets for M2M communication. Our efficient mobile communications networks ensure that the networked car is becoming more and more widespread, including across European national borders”.

Based on Volkswagen Group’s specific requirements, the SIM chip was developed by Vodafone to meet the stringent quality requirements of the automobile industry and functions reliably at temperatures from -40° to +85° Celsius.

The automotive industry already occupies a central position in the rapidly emerging M2M communications sector. One of the main driving forces is the planned EU-wide “eCall” emergency call system which automatically sends out a SOS in the event of a vehicle accident.

In addition, an increasing number of people are interested in accessing online information services, music and videos through the electronic systems built into their vehicles: these communications and internet-based infotainment services also underpin a strong growth trend in the M2M communications sector.

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