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Vodafone Trials GSM-LTE Spectrum Sharing to Improve LTE Capacity by 50%

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Vodafone Spain has conducted GSM-LTE Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (GL DSS) trial that assists in improving LTE capacity by up to 50 percent through maximizing wireless spectrum utilization.

Telecom network vendor Huawei, which conducted the trial, has termed the experiment as successful.

Several telecom operators, including Vodafone, hold bandwidths of 20MHz at 1.8GHz, of which 10MHz is used for LTE and the rest for GSM traffic.

Huawei selected Vodafone’s Mobile Access Competence Center in Spain to jointly define this efficient spectrum management tool and provide better user experience.

By applying interference scheduling in real time, the SRC gives GSM higher priority to use spectrum in periods of heavy traffic, providing protection against GSM voice interference. SRC also provides more spectrum for LTE compared to the standard fixed configuration through dynamic allocation.

The trial verified GL DSS performance in the Vodafone Spain commercial network, with results showing that this solution can reach LTE capacity gains of up to 50 percent, making 15MHz effectively available for LTE with limited impact to GSM services. Original post at Telecomlead

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