Vodafone Brings Largest International 4G Roaming Network

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Vodafone will soon offer ultra-fast 4G roaming to more countries than any other mobile operator worldwide, it was announced Tuesday.

From summer 2014, consumers and business customers travelling overseas will be able to take advantage of 4G mobile services when using their smartphones and tablets in 18 countries worldwide for no more than the cost of existing 3G roaming services such as Vodafone’s popular pan-European Union daily roaming price plans.

Vodafone already offers 4G roaming on its own networks in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Between now and the summer 2014, Vodafone will launch 4G roaming in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK.

In addition, Vodafone customers will be able to use 4G networks of other telecommunications companies in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.

“4G is great for travellers, whether they are on business or on holiday. Much faster, simpler to use and often less expensive than typical, hotel wi-fi connections anywhere in Europe, 4G roaming will give our customers high-speed connections for video, music streaming, web surfing, working and much more anywhere, from the airport to the cafe,” Vodafone Group Chief Commercial and Operations Officer Paolo Bertoluzzo said in a release.

Under its Project Spring £7 billion investment programme, Vodafone has fast-tracked its 4G roaming plans to ensure that key holiday destinations are covered in time for the summer break. It will also offer 4G roaming to customers of other operators under its existing reciprocal roaming agreements.

Earlier, CEO of IPX division, Brian Fitzpatrick announced that Vodafone Carrier Services to shake up the IPX (IP Exchange) market this year, with a view to taking third party providers out of the picture.

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