Vodafone Confirms Return to UK Fixed Broadband Market

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Vodafone on Tuesday confirmed it plans to return to the U.K.’s consumer fixed broadband market.

The telco giant said in its half-year results presentation that it will launch a residential service in spring 2015. The service will use the fixed infrastructure Vodafone gained via the £1.4 billion acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide in July 2012.

At launch, the service will cover approximately 60% of households, said Stephen Pusey, CTO of Vodafone, speaking at the operator’s first-half results presentation.

“We will have a good, national competitive offer at launch,” added Philipp Humm, CEO of Vodafone Europe, who explained that offering fixed broadband will help Vodafone UK maintain its position in the mobile market.

“We see it more as a defensive game, but we will see depending how the overall market develops,” he said. Original post at Totaltelecom

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