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Verizon May Sell Or Spin Off Cloud Arm

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Rich Tehrani over on his TMCnet blog has a source telling him that Verizon is looking to sell or spin off its Terremark cloud division and focus on mobile. Also supposedly on the block is Verizon’s PBX reseller division, leaving them only their Broadsoft-powered hosted PBX platform.

I have no idea if the rumor is true or whether they would find buyers willing to meet them on price if they did. But I find it fascinating that Verizon would want to sell the cloud division and the data center footprint. That they wish they could spend every penny on mobile I understand. However, one has to see the cloud as a part of the mobile ecosystem that even if one might be able to do without today, one wouldn’t want to lack it tomorrow. Verizon just agreed to buy AOL to get more into content and advertising, but is interested in getting rid of where it lives? The Terremark purchase has always seemed like one of their better, longer-thinking moves to me. Click here for full post

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