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Verizon Beefs up in-home Wi-Fi with Quantum Gateway Router

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Verizon has responded to the burgeoning need for higher speed Wi-Fi home networking connections with the debut of its FiOS Quantum Gateway, a device it claims can deliver up to 800 Mbps.

Besides the higher speeds, Verizon’s Quantum Gateway promises greater range of up to 325 feet within a home or business and the ability to support a larger number of devices such as tablet computers, smartphones and video devices. An additional benefit is the device also can potentially support the Zigbee home automation standard via a home area network (HAN) expansion port.

Verizon said the FiOS Quantum Gateway will be updated regularly to offer greater functionality and customer benefits. Among some of the future updates, which won’t require any customer intervention, are privacy and security access controls such as “guest” passwords, and device-specific access that, for example, gives users remote control of when a child’s screen time ends for the day.  Original post at Fiercetelecom

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