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US Spectrum Auction Ends, Dish Network Secures H-Block

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U.S. satellite operator Dish Network emerged as the apparent winner of the FCC’s H Block spectrum auction that concluded last week.

Dish successfully offered around $1.56 billion reserve price for the H Block at the auction that was conducted for the first time in six years.

According to Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the government collected a total of $1.564 billion from the spectrum.

“We have raised $1.564 billion from spectrum that used to be viewed as almost worthless. While I might not have agreed with every single decision that was made in connection with this auction, I believe that commencing this auction in January was the right call and applaud then- Chairwoman Clyburn for her decision to do so. I also commend the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau for its hard work on this important endeavor, and I thank Congress for its leadership in helping to get this spectrum into the market,” Ajit Pai, Commissioner of FCC said in a release.

While, “With this successful auction, the Commission makes good on its commitment to unleash more spectrum for consumers and businesses, delivering a significant down payment towards funding the nationwide interoperable public safety network,” FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a separate statement.

Further, Wheeler added that the H Block auction is a win for the American people, and we thank Chairwoman Clyburn for her leadership scheduling it. “We also commend everyone who worked so hard to resolve technical issues that made this previously unusable spectrum valuable.”

Here is a list of the most expensive winning bids, and the areas for which the bids were submitted, were: (Source: Denver Business Journal)

Greater New York City-Long Island. – $217 million.

Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County – $166.8 million.

Chicago-Gary, Ind. – $96 million.

San Francisco Bay area – $59.8 million.

Boston-Worcester, Mass. – $57.4 million.

Washington D.C-Baltimore – $56.3 million.

Dallas-Fort Worth – $55.5 million.

Philadelphia-Atlantic City – $45.5 million.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale – $39.9 million.

Atlanta – $34.5 million.

Houston-Galveston – $31 million.

Tampa-St. Petersburg – $29.7 million.

Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint – $25.2 million.

San Diego – $20.6 million.

Denver-Boulder – $20.1 million.

Phoenix-Mesa – $19.8 million.

Orlando, Fla. – $18.6 million.

Minneapolis-St. Paul – $17.8 million.

Seattle-Tacoma – $17.4 million.

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