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UK Govt Seeks to Close Mobile Coverage Gaps

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Mobile operators once again hit out at plans for national roaming, call for site-sharing and easing of planning regs.
The U.K. government on Wednesday launched a consultation into improving mobile coverage with a view to pushing operators to eliminate black spots.

Poor mobile coverage affects one fifth of the U.K. population, the government said. In these areas, which it describes as ‘partial not spots’, users have coverage from some, but not all, of the U.K.’s four mobile network operators. Thus, users may be unable to make a call, depending on their service provider.

“The government isn’t prepared to let that situation continue,” U.K. culture secretary Sajid Javid said on Wednesday. “We’ve been talking to the mobile companies about the problem and they are working with us to find a solution.” Original post at Total Telecom

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