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Top 5 Telecom Market Trends For 2015

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Analysys Mason predicts the technology, media and telecoms trends that will be making an impact over  the next 12 months.

1. Monetizing network investments in broadband infrastructure will be a top priority in 2015

  • Operators will reap the benefits of growing data consumption in 2015 as many markets return to growth. LTE provides the ability to create larger data allotments compared with 3G (at higher prices) supported by ever more capable devices. 4K video will start to appear, driven by smartphone uploads, which will help to drive data consumption.
  • Momentum will build around voice over Wi-Fi, and VoLTE will join later as an integrated proposition (and using the same IMS components). Launches will be driven by the need to address indoor coverage issues, but will also stimulate operators into evolving the ‘communications app’ both as a native device capability and an over-the-top (OTT) service extension.
  • Fixed–mobile service bundles will become mass-market propositions beyond early successes in markets such as France, Portugal and Spain. The pace of transformative market consolidation will accelerate.
  • Many more operator LTE networks will implement policy and prioritization features to support voice and video as well as differentiated services. The focus on end-to-end service management will be a worldwide phenomenon, but North America will lead the way in 2015. Original post at Telecom Asia
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