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The TADHacks Are Coming!

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In an effort to bring technologies, experts, and developers from around the world together, TADHack is organising an event focus on telecom application development.

‘In April we have TADHack WebRTC London on the 11-12 April at Idea London (thanks to UCL). We have a dream team of mentors for the event including Sam Dutton of Google, Matthew Hodgson of Matrix.org, James Body of Truphone, Philippe Sultan of Apidaze, and Jean Deruelle of Telestax,’ the organiser said in a release.

Informing that the sponsors of this TADHack-mini are Apidaze, Google, Kandy.io, Matrix.org, Telestax, Truphone, and University College London, TADHack said ‘To win one of the seven $1k prizes, build to their platforms or simply show WebRTC solving a problem the users would be happy to use. All hacks are recorded and promoted on the TADHack YouTube channel, and we’ll do weblogs on any developer who submits a hack to help promote them and their business. The thinking behind all this promotion is simple: if we can help you be more successful by using telecom capabilities it helps the whole ecosystem.’

‘The winners and runners up of this TADHack can also give their pitches at the Global WebRTC Summit later in the week (thanks to Informa). So you’ll have a chance (if you want) to promote yourself, your idea, and your business to the leaders of the WebRTC movement as well as network with them through the event. Please register soon for TADHack WebRTC London, either for onsite or remote entry, it will help with the event planning.’

‘Then in June we have the big event, the Global TADHack, 13-14 June. The main European hub will be in Lisbon, we also have locations in London, Madrid, and Israel. The IIT RTC Lab will be running the Chicago location again. The APAC side of the event is exploding with locations planned in Sri Lanka, New Delhi, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia; and perhaps a couple more that are currently in discussions. Also we accept remote entries so you can hack from the comfort of your own home. The TADHack website will soon be updated with the location details.’

‘With the global TADHack we’re trying to bring the event to you, and show the vast world-wide community of developers working and interested in using telecom capabilities to solve everyday problems, and help you use and compare all the technologies, services, and platforms available. This is a very important aspect of TADHack, we’re open, we want you to explore all relevant technologies, platforms and services, though we do focus on the sponsors as they are paying to make TADHack happen :) And finally we recently interviewed Tim Panton, one of the TADHack WebRTC London mentors, he shared important advice on how to approach a hackathon as well as some of his secret sauce on how to win. Please register soon for this event, to help us with the planning, thanks.’

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