Telit to Provide IoT services to Swisscom

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Telit, a global Internet of Things enabler, announced that Telit will help Swisscom to offer its IoT services. The IoT Platform lets Swisscom to offer end-to-end IoT services and rapid application development. The IoT Platform supplements the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for Swisscom customers.

“By 2020, it is expected that over 50 billion objects, machines and devices will be connected to the Internet worldwide, which will enable entirely new business models,” said Sergio Chiandetti, Head of Business Process Solutions & Services at Swisscom. “With the new IoT platform we are prepared to accompany our customers into the digital future.”

“We are pleased that Swisscom has selected the Telit IoT Platform to power its IoT services business.  Licensing our IoT Platform to mobile network operators is an integral part of our IoT services strategy and rapidly becoming a growth engine for Telit’s business,” said Fred Yentz, President and CEO of Telit IoT Platforms. “We are having tremendous traction with leading operators worldwide and Swisscom is among the most innovative operators to recognize early the value and convenience of licensing and integrating a proven IoT Application Enablement Platform to offer new IoT services and generate new revenues.” Read more 

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