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Telekom Malaysia Deploys OSS for HSBB

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Telekom Malaysia has augmented its high speed broadband (HSBB) network infrastructure with  EMC SMARTS.

EMC SMARTS is an OSS that provides a service-centric approach to network management. It utilizes intelligent analysis tools to pinpoint the root cause of network issues and their associated service impacts.

EMC bills the system as offering rapid fault detection, faster time to action, and minimized service downtime

Commenting on the collaboration, Giorgio Migliarina, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, TM said: “HSBB network infrastructure is built from a heterogeneous collection of hardware and software. The network becomes exponentially more complex as it expands. With EMC SMARTS, we are able to identify any issues that cause service disruption as well as other connectivity challenges in such a multi-layered environment, hence reducing downtime and minimizing the need for expert resources and related time cost.” Read the full post at Telecom Asia

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