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Telefónica Integrates ‘Wearables Services’ With LG, Samsung, Sony Mobile

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Telefónica  announced Tuesday, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, its plan to collaborate with LG, Samsung andSony Mobile to integrate its services in the smart wearables of these three device manufacturers.

The Company is also open to agreements with other market players, manufacturers, content providers, companies in the fashion industry to ensure that these devices are commercially successful, Telefónica  said in a release.

The four companies are pioneering the integration of value added applications and services into wearable devices in ways that will enrich customers lives.

“Smart wearables are already a commercial reality and have an even more promising future. Many analysts have rightly identified the significant market opportunity with wearable technology and Telefónica wants to lead the development, integration and support of services that wearables provide,”Marieta Rivero,, Global Marketing Director of Telefónica S.A said.

This will not only provide customers with services that improve their lives, but also help accelerate the development of the wearables market.

Integration in the new One SmartBand SWR10 of Sony Mobile

One example of the collaboration and partnerships being developed with leading players in the area of smart wearable products is Telefonica’s work with Sony Mobile, to develop compatibility with Sony’s new SmartBand SWR1O, which is being showcased at Mobile World Congress.

SmartBand SWR10 is the first product within Sony’s SmartWear Experience – a new category built around three key pillars; “Lifelogging, “Flexible style” and “Life tools”.

Lifelog is an innovative Android application that talks to SmartBand SWR10 and its core module to record social, physical and entertainment activities.  The core is removable which means it can be worn and carried however a user sees fit, in a number of different colour styles to complement style and personality.

SmartBand SWR10 provides subtle notifications when a call, message, Like or tweet is received and when a user is out of range (up to 10 m) from their smartphone. It can also be used to play, pause and skip music tracks by pressing the button, or tapping the band – and it will even measure sleep cycles to prompt wake up at the best time.

Sony is one of the pioneers of the industry – in late 2013 it launched its second generation SmartWatch and has recently unveiled its wider ambitions in the area. With Sony’s new SmartBand product, owners will be able to receive notifications, and control the main call functions of the Tu Go service with a wrist tap, without reaching for their smartphone.

“Sony is a leader in the wearable market, having brought our first ‘smartwatch’ to consumers in 2006 – and now with the introduction of SmartBand SWR10,” Stefan K Persson, Vice President, Head of Companion Products, Sony Mobile Communications said.

Agreements with Samsung and LG

Jean-Daniel Ayme, Deputy President of ETO at Samsung Electronics says, “We are delighted to work together with Telefónica to continue to bring new services and functionality to our newly announced wearable devices. As a pioneer of smart wearable devices with the announcement of Galaxy Gear in 2013, Samsung has been actively exploring a new possibility in smart wearable devices. We aim to introduce a variety of new smart wearables throughout the year for consumers who want communication freedom on-the-go”.

For LG, the company reaches the universe of wearables with the LG Life Band Touch, a smart bracelet intended for users who want to maintain healthy habits in their daily lives. The LG Life Touch Band is a bracelet that, among its many benefits, monitors all daily activity and allows controlling the mobile user. On the other hand, LG has headphones Heart Rate, which account for heart rate while allowing the user to listen to music and answer the phone while playing sport.

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