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TCCT and 1-Net to Enable Connectivity Across Thailand and Singapore

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Two leading regional data center providers: TCC Technology (TCCT), Thailand’s leading carrier neutral data center services provider and 1-Net, a leading infocomm technology solutions provider from Singapore have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with United Information Highway Co., Ltd (UIH), a leader in high speed communications networks.

The MoU will enable stable connectivity via UIH’s secured network, which has extensive coverage areas nationwide and is guaranteed with international standards such as The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and Thailand Data Communications Service of the Year for two consecutive years.

TCCT and 1-Net will have joint marketing activities to resale each other’s Data Center via UIH’s high speed fiber network and core nodes to connect between Bangkok and Singapore gateways, providing international voice, data, and other telecommunication businesses. The voice and data traffic can originate or terminate in Thailand or Singapore to support the systems/services running in the data centers of TCCT in Thailand and 1-Net in Singapore.

This newly launched service creates a seamless connectivity transmitting data and content from Thailand to Singapore. This enables customers of 1-Net, TCCT, and UIH to be able to use data center, Cloud, and connectivity services with world-class standards, and is especially relevant for customers looking to scale up or require disaster recovery services in areas with high security.

Understanding the market and business needs, 1-Net, TCCT, and UIH offer data centers fortified with former eastern and new southern routes within the strategic Indochina area, an area connecting North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with Southern Asia. This Sub-Mekong district area has a large pool of labor, easy access to raw materials and attractive tax incentives for businesses. This MoU represents a cost-effective investment for any company looking to reduce costs and still remain competitive, supported by turnkey IT infrastructure and solutions.

Col. Ruangsub Kovindha, Managing Director, United Information Highway Co., Ltd. (UIH) said, “We are very pleased that UIH is part of this MoU. 1–Net and TCCT are leading data center services providers in Singapore and Thailand. With this borderless southern route connectivity covering Thailand, Singapore, and connected to Hong Kong, this regional collaboration will create beyond–standard services in regional data center and connectivity industry like never before. Apart from connectivity from Thailand to Singapore, UIH is also ready with other available routes connecting between Thailand and other countries in particular the PoP which UIH launched in Hong Kong in the 3rd quarter of 2014, supporting Thai enterprises expanding businesses in the countries within Asia and worldwide and is open for enterprises requiring international connectivity and regional connectivity to partner.”

Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director of 1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd, shared, “This partnership is key to enabling faster connectivity between Singapore and Thailand. This initiative is in line with the “Data Center Corridor” concept in Singapore’s Infocomm Masterplan[1]. 1-Net has been working closely with TCCT and UIH to expand our network in Indochina to achieve seamless connectivity, to create a data center ecosystem which will benefit our customers with lower latency and cost.”

Voradis Vinyaratn, Executive Director and Acting Managing Director of TCC Technology (TCCT) expressed his viewpoint on behalf of TCC Technology, “Economically, this new southern connectivity will solidly lead to long – term growth and development both in regional and domestic levels. This is a new phenomenon when the two data centers: one in Thailand provided by TCC technology and the other in Singapore provided by 1-Net strengthened by UIH’s connectivity to connect Thailand and Singapore join force to create a “Regional Satellite Data Center Network” with mirroring redundant sites fortifying enterprises operating and expanding their businesses to Indochina. The new southern route connecting from Thailand southward to Malaysia, Singapore, and converge in Hong Kong has now fulfilled the connectivity ecosystem. In the future TCCT will extend network capacity from Thailand to western and northern parts. This will help highlight TCCT’s position of “Carrier – Neutral Regional Hub”, directly benefiting enterprises, content providers, telcos, and ISPs.”

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