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Tata Docomo Introduces Mobile Protection Service, SimplySwap

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Tata Docomo Monday launched the mobile handset protection service, called SimplySwap, exclusively for its postpaid customers in Hyderabad.

‘SimplySwap’ is an industry first movement, which allows subscribers to swap their handset with a ‘like for like’ mobile handset.

Under this service, any new or existing post-paid subscriber who has just bought a new handset can enroll for the program by filling up a form at any Tata DoCoMo store. Upon enrolling, the subscriber can call and request for a handset swap and the phone will be delivered within 48-72 hours at the customer’s doorstep.

Tata DocomoThe handset is swapped for a nominal replacement fee, according to Tata Docomo. There is also a monthly fee which is included in customer’s regular bill. The charges vary according to the type of device and start from a monthly fee as low as Rs 89 with a corresponding swap fee of Rs 400.  Original post at ET Telecom

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