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Tata Communications Wins WAN Deal With Kion Group

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Tata communications has secured a deal to provide global WAN services to Kion Group, a global manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse technology.

The $20-million deal will see Tata Communications replace the Kion’s existing stable of multiple WAN providers with a single, global, intelligent network for the group’s 280 sites and 22,000 employees across 30 countries worldwide.

The network will use a combination of cutting edge technologies to allow the Kion to handle data more intelligently and with greater visibility than ever before. For the end user, this will mean faster application delivery to any device, anywhere, at any time.

“The number of users, offices and devices within the KION Group meant that we wouldn’t be able to achieve the agility and adaptability that is demanded by our Strategy 2020 with different regional IP networks around the world,” said Walter Grűner, CIO of KION Group. “The advanced services that Tata Communications provides are going a step further in allowing us to take complete control of the traffic on our network.” Original post at Telecom Asia

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