Smartphone Sales to Surpass Feature phones: Gionee

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Indian wireless subscribers crossed 1 billion mark recently, but smartphone penetration is lagging behind which is about 20-25%, market opportunity in smartphone segment is huge and the market is going to be immense.

30-40% of Gionee smartphones are being manufactured locally, said Arvind R Vohra, CEO & Managing Director, Gionee India. ” Right now, smartphone penetration is about 220 million, which is just about 20-25 per cent. So, even if you assume 10 per cent of the people will still stay with feature phones, there’s a huge potential of upgrading them to smartphones. So, the market is going to be immense. I think this is the first year when smartphone numbers will start crossing feature phones, in value terms it has crossed a long time back. I feel that you still might have about 15-20 per cent feature phone users, the balance will move to smartphones. And by market size, it won’t be more than 10 per cent in terms of value”, he added. Read more

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