SK Telecom Eyes Commercial Inter-Site CA Launch In 2H

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By: Nick Wood

Korean operator looks to fill up its high-speed mobile networks with new range of connected devices.
SK Telecom has been showing off at Mobile World Congress this week new carrier aggregation (CA) technology designed to improve cell edge performance, and it hopes to commercialise it later this year.

While normal CA aggregates two carriers from one cell site, the new solution, called inter-site carrier aggregation, uses carriers from more than one cell site, depending on the quality of the signal.

It means that an LTE-Advanced handset at the edge of a cell site can connect to one frequency band from one tower, and a different frequency band from an adjacent tower in order to achieve the fastest possible connection.

The customer will see a marked improvement in speed at the edge of a cell site, but still not as fast as if they were in the centre of a cell site, explained SK Telecom research engineer Sungho Moon, to Total Telecom. Original post at Total Telecom

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