SingTel Unveils Wi-Fi-integrated Mobile Plans

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SingTel is attempting to meet its customers’ data demands by bundling Wi-Fi data allocations in with a new line of 4G mobile plans.

The company is deploying a high-speed Wi-Fi network in crowded locations and underground mass rapid transit (MRT) rail stations, and plans to include 2GB of usage for all tiers of five new Combo plans.

SingTel said the Wi-Fi network it is deploying provides average typical speeds of 4-10Mbps, five times faster than typical free public Wi-Fi services.

The operator has already deployed 100 hotspots at 11 locations, and aims increase this to 1,000 hotspots in around 100 locations by March 2015. The rollout will include deployment to 27 MRT and bus stations over the next nine months.

The plans start from S$42.90 ($34.30) for a plan that includes 100 minutes of outgoing talk time and 2GB of 4G data, up to S$239.90 for unlimited talk time and 12GB of data.

As a launch promotion, SingTel will offer unlimited Wi-Fi access on all five tiers until the end of July 2015. Original post at Telecom Asia

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