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Singtel Partners Ericsson And Samsung To Boost LTE Speeds Beyond 300 Mbps

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Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel), the provider of Singapore’s fastest 4G mobile service, will soon deliver speeds beyond 300 Mbps for its customers.  It will use Ericsson’s LTE-Advanced technology to deploy a tri-band Carrier Aggregation service to boost mobile speeds.

Tri-band Carrier Aggregation (also called three-carrier LTE-Advanced) is a step up from the current dual-carrier LTE networks used by Singtel. The technology combines bandwidth from three of Singtel’s spectrum bands to deliver higher performance mobile data services.

This will enable consumers to have a faster web browsing experience. Consumers will also be able to download applications, games, videos and music files in a shorter time.

The tri-band Carrier Aggregation service will be progressively deployed in Singapore over the next two years with trials beginning in Q2 2015. Samsung will be providing devices supporting tri-band Carrier Aggregation for the trial.

New handset models supporting tri-band Carrier Aggregation are expected to be available later this year. Subscribers with this new category of handsets will be able to enjoy downlink peak speeds of up to 450 Mbps, significantly higher than the current 300Mbps.

Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel’s CEO of Consumer Singapore, says “With smartphone penetration rates of over 85 percent in Singapore, data download speed is very important to our customers. This is why we continue to invest in improving our technology to ensure we deliver the fastest and most consistent experience to our customers.

“When we were the first to introduce speeds of 300 Mbps last year, it was very well received by our customers. This has given us the confidence to further improve and invest in this technology. Today’s achievement demonstrates our commitment to adopting the next generation of technologies, to enhancing and upgrading our networks, and to delivering the best possible experience to our customers.”

Nicholas Seow, Country Manager of Ericsson Singapore and Brunei, says: “As consumers, businesses and industries are transformed through mobility, network performance becomes a key differentiator. Carrier aggregation is an important LTE-Advanced feature that increases throughput and higher peak speeds for users. We are pleased to continue being Singtel’s technology partner and to play a role in creating the best performing network for Singtel.”

Yong Sung Jeon, President & CEO, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Asia Pte. Ltd., says “We believe that compelling LTE smartphones are a key driving force of expansion and acceleration of LTE technology. We are thrilled about this great initiative with Singtel and will actively support the expansion of this new technology for our consumers.”

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