SAP India Looks to Tap Growing Cloud Business

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Software firm SAP India is looking at offerings such as B2B trading portal Ariba, Cloud HR, succession planning tool and social media to offset a slump in sales of on-premise enterprise resource planning services. For SAP, these cloud-based new applications are growing at over 50 per cent year-on-year a sharp contrast to its breadand-butter ERP business, where sales have slowed to about 10 per cent.

The Germany-headquartered software maker now wants to expand into other areas, as not many customers are willing to shell out large sums of money to buy an ERP package.

“Most of the relationships till date were ERP centric; now we are moving to the cloud. The cloud is really opening up huge base for us in other verticals and industries and non-SAP customers,” said Rajamani Srinivasan, head of cloud, SAP India. “Cloud has helped us double the addressable market today and we are far more relevant to many industries.” Original post at ET Telecom

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