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Samsung and Apple Cement Their Top Smartphone Makers Position

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Samsung dominates the global smartphone market with 27.8% of the market share. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have successfully captured consumers’ attention in the first quarter. Compared with Galaxy S5, the most recent models show substantial improvements in components specs. The S6 Edge in particular has created a buzz with its main feature – a touch screen that curves to both sides of the phone. TrendForce estimates the shipments of these two flagship models will surpass 20M units in the second quarter, according to TrendForce.

Apple did remarkably well during the first quarter’s off-peak season. The ongoing excitement for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus drove the first quarter shipments of all iPhone products to exceed 55M units. Apple also set itself firmly as the number one sales brand in China in the first quarter, where the demand for iPhones is especially strong. Chinese smartphone brands, on the other hand, found their domestic market shares being squeezed out by Apple’s presence.

The weak smartphone demand in China during the first quarter did not have a significant impact on LG as its shipments mainly go to the US and Europe. With the continuing recovery of the US economy, LG’s first quarter shipments reached 18M units. LG has climbed to the fourth spot in the global smartphone market.

According to TrendForce’s latest research, the global smartphone shipments for the first quarter of 2015 reached 291.2M units, a drop of 9.2% compared with the prior quarter. The decline, which was larger than the initial estimation, was attributed to the weak smartphone market in China. Looking ahead to the second quarter, TrendForce expects China’s internal market will reduce some of the overall inventory pressure during the coming Chinese Labor Day sales. Based on TrendForce’s forecast, China’s smartphone market will see visible recovery in the latter half of the second quarter at the earliest, and the shipments of Chinese smartphone brands will reach 122M units in total, or a 14.8% increase over their first quarter shipments.

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