Ringing Bell Freedom 251 Impossible Pricing and Speculations

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Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251, claims to have received order of 2.5 mn handsets in a two day sale, the company received around 70 mn registrations in two days. Regarding ultra low price and income margins Ashok Chadha, president of Ringing Bell says,”Economies of scale gets it down to around Rs 1,200, and thereafter an online sales model cuts down marketing and sales expenses, giving us further savings,”

“Why am I being hounded? What wrong have I done?” Mohit Goel, has asked in an interview, who is facing a widespread criticism.

“Every month about 2 crore mobile phones are sold in India. The company (Ringing Bells) claims to have 25 lakh bookings and some crore registrations. If the product is actually shipped, the 25 lakh unit will neither affect market nor prospect of our company,” Datawind President and CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said.  Read more

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