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Review of 2014: New Ground

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BT is preparing to take its first steps into the new mobile world.

In EE the UK incumbent is buying itself a weighty Christmas present and a ticket back into the consumer mobile sector it exited some 13 years ago. But far from going over old ground, BT is reentering an unfamiliar market, one in which data demand, network densification strategies and 4G are the order of the day.

BT is not the only global telco that will enter 2015 with the intention of stamping its footprint on new territory. AT&T recently announced its intention to acquire Mexico’s Iusacell and create a single, North American service area. Meanwhile, there was a raft of M&A announcements in 2014 that in most cases will see the participants embrace new converged services. The most notable deals came in France, Spain and Germany, but there were tie-ups outside of Europe too.

BT spent much of 2014 talking in fairly vague terms about its plans for 4G mobile. Having acquired 4G spectrum in last year’s auction, the telco was working on the roll out of a WiFi and home hub-based offering. It was firm in its resolve that its new mobile strategy would not extend to building out a macro cellular network; its decision to buy one came as a surprise towards the end of the year. Original post at Total Telecom

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