Reliance Jio Aims To Swap 800-MHz Spectrum

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India’s Reliance Jio Infocomm hopes to enter spectrum swapping agreements with other operators to swap its non-contiguous 800-MHz spectrum secured in the recent $17.5 billion auction into continuous airwaves.

Reliance Jio acquired 49 units of 800-MHz spectrum across 10 circles during the auction at a cost of 78.76 billion rupees ($1.25 billion), and plans to use the spectrum for its upcoming nationwide TD-LTE network rollout.

But the operator was only able to acquire contiguous spectrum in four circles, the Economic Times reported, leaving it pursuing spectrum swap deals to compensate.

Reliance Jio still hasn’t launched 4G services nearly five years after securing 2300-MHz spectrum for the rollout in 2010, with experts attributing the delay to technological limitations in the band. Original post at Telecom Asia

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