Pakistan Sets 90-Day SIM Registration Deadline

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Pakistan’s regulators have set a 90-day deadline for re-verifying SIMs in operation via a new biometric system, after which the telecom industry fears that tens of millions of active SIMs will be blocked.

The 90-day verification process commenced yesterday using the Biometric Verification System (BVS), The News International reported.

The government ordered the verification process based on a plan to crack down on terrorism in the nation. At the end of the period, all SIMs that have not been verified will be blocked.

The verification policy applies to both pre-paid and post-paid SIMs. The verification period ends on April 13, and unverified SIMs will be blocked from April 14.

Each customer will be allocated a unique identification number, and will be able to register up to five SIMs to that number using biometric authentication. Click here to read more at Telecom Asia

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