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OTEGLOBE Expands International Backbone With Infinera Intelligent Transport Network

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Infinera, provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, is offering 100 gigabit per second (Gb/s) terrestrial and subsea connections between Greece and Western Europe through Italy and the Balkans, with the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform for OTEGLOBE’s international backbone expansion.

OTEGLOBE, a leading international telecommunications carrier in Southeastern Europe and member of OTE Group, has recently signed an agreement to land a new international submarine cable system, named AAE-1, at its international landing station at Chania, Crete, aimed to transform Greece into a major European Internet gateway to the Middle East and North Africa regions and beyond.

To achieve this goal, OTEGLOBE is expanding its European backbone network with the Infinera DTN-X platform. This expansion will enable OTEGLOBE to deploy international services for its terrestrial and subsea network, and to differentiate service offerings while increasing network efficiency as OTEGLOBE scales network capacity.

“Our goal is to become the alternative hub in the Mediterranean for the continuously increasing Europe to Asia transit traffic,” said Mr. Andreou, OTEGLOBE’s CEO. “To address this increasing demand, we deployed Infinera’s solution which enables us to enhance the scalability of our backbone with one solution from the Mediterranean to the core of Europe.”

“We are pleased to continue to upgrade OTEGLOBE’s network,” said Chris Champion, senior vice president, EMEA at Infinera. “With the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network, OTEGLOBE has doubled network capacity and provided increased capacity to its customers at the optical layer. This is a direct result of the deployment of super-channel FlexROADM technology unique to Infinera.”

With the Infinera DTN-X platform, OTEGLOBE can deliver capacity of 100 Gb/s coherent transmission today via 500 Gb/s super-channels, with a forward-scale design to support terabit super-channels in the future. The high capacity super-channels are enabled by 500 Gb/s photonic integrated circuits (PICs) developed and fabricated by Infinera — the only supplier delivering 500 Gb/s of transmission capacity from a single line card today. PICs enable the DTN-X platform to integrate dense wavelength division multiplexing super-channel transmission with up to 12 Tb/s of non-blocking optical transport network switching, providing seamless scaling as traffic requirements grow in the future. The DTN-X leverages the Infinera Flexible Grid Line System (FlexILS), which provides higher spectral efficiency than available before, enables a unique architecture integrating OTEGLOBE’s subsea and terrestrial routes, and provides scalability and flexibility that allows OTEGLOBE to quickly activate extra capacity to meet customer requirements based on super-channel FlexROADM technology with unconstrained switching in the optical layer.

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