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Optus, Vodafone Expand LTE Networks

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Australian mobile operators Optus and Vodafone have expanded their respective LTE networks, with new low-band spectrum.

Optus yesterday revealed it has launched 4G in the ACT over the 700-MHz band.

The operator is providing 700-MHz LTE services at some 20 sites across the capital territory, and plans to continue expanding the network using its newly-acquired spectrum. It had previously been providing LTE over the 2300-MHz band only.

Optus  has been provided early access to 700-MHz digital dividend spectrum in the region by regulator Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

“Our aim is to deliver 4G services to more than 200 regional and holiday destinations by April 2015, taking our population coverage to 90% of [the] Australian population,” Optus managing director of networks Vic McClelland said. Original post at Telecom Asia

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