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Ofcom Seeks Advice On High Frequencies For 5G

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Ofcom on Friday called on industry players to provide their considered opinion on the feasibility of using frequencies above 6 GHz for 5G services.

The U.K. telco watchdog is seeking answers to 14 questions covering various topics, such as the practicalities of achieving very high data rates using this spectrum; whether operators would seek to cover the whole country or opt for targeted deployments; and whether the bandwidth can be shared between mobile access and wireless backhaul, among others.

“We want to explore how high frequency spectrum could potentially offer significant capacity for extremely fast 5G mobile data,” said Philip Marnick, director of Ofcom’s spectrum group, in a statement.

“This could pave the way for innovative new mobile services for U.K. consumers and businesses,” he said.

The timeframe for launching 5G remains uncertain, Ofcom said, but like many other stakeholders it expects it could emerge by 2020, subject to research and development, and international consensus on frequency bands. Original post at Total Telecom

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