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Ofcom Allocates 700-MHz Spectrum for Mobile Broadband

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U.K. mobile operators will soon have another opportunity to bolster their network capacity after regulator Ofcom announced plans to allocate the 700-MHz band for mobile broadband.

The watchdog said it aims to make the frequencies available by 2022 at the latest, although it said it is tentatively hoping to free them up by 2020. The announcement was made less than two weeks after Ofcom shared plans for auctioning spectrum in the 2.3-GHz and 3.4-GHz bands in late 2015 or early 2016.

“This is a crucial next step in the development of the U.K.’s communication infrastructure. This decision ensures that we are making the raw materials available with which investors and companies can build the services which will support the digital economy of the future,” said outgoing Ofcom CEO Ed Richards. Original post at Tototal Telecom

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