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Ofcom Aims To Make BT Open Dark Fibre Up To Rivals By April 2017

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Ofcom on Friday proposed making BT grant rival service providers access to its fibre networks in a bid to boost competition in the leased lines market.

The announcement was cheered by alternative operators, while BT claimed the proposed rule will actually have the effect of undermining competition. The proposal is also likely to go some way to assuaging mobile operators concerned about BT’s acquisition of EE.

As part of its Business Connectivity Market Review (BCMR), Ofcom wants BT’s competitors to have physical access to its fibre optic cables, giving them direct control of the connection. This would allow them to install their own equipment at each end of the connection and to offer tailored, high-speed data links to business customers, and mobile and broadband operator customers. Ofcom hopes to have the new regulation in place by April 2017.

The telco watchdog has also proposed new minimum quality of service requirements aimed at improving how BT’s infrastructure arm Openreach installs leased lines. Original post at Total Telecom

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