Nuco to power the Terepac Blockchain

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Terepac Corporation and Nuco Inc today announced the formation of a joint development partnership to bring blockchain capabilities to the Internet of Things through the launch of the Terepac Blockchain.

“Small changes can have large effects. Large changes can have exponential effects. We believe that blockchain technology represents that large change, an inflection point in technology evolution,” said Terepac CEO Ric Asselstine. “Terepac is ideally positioned to lever that technology as we instrument and connect objects of all descriptions. From fire hydrants to newly-voiced conveyor belts, as an extension and complement to our existing IoT Platform architecture, Terepac now offers enterprise clients blockchain capabilities.”

“Nuco is proud to power the Terepac Blockchain, a cutting edge IOT platform advancing Terepac’s vision of a connected and voiced world,” said Matt Spoke, Nuco CEO. “Blockchain technology is a fundamental milestone in unlocking the full promise of IOT. No other architecture is able to effectively administer the network scale unleashed by allowing every device its own voice.” Read more

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