NSN Showcases Performance Innovations at MWC

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Visitors to the NSN Experience Center at Mobile World Congress 2014 will see a new FutureWorks 5G research concept that enables ultra-dense networks, a mobile network ‘on demand’ for mega events, and a self-learning network that analyzes big data in real time and responds in an instant.

These NSN technology innovations provide a glimpse of potential new products and services and complement the commercial launches made in the run-up to MWC.

The company’s FutureWorks demos are NSN’s Technology Vision 2020 brought to life. This hands-on approach to innovation will enable mobile broadband networks to profitably deliver 1 gigabyte of personalized data per user per day by 2020.

In its 5G concept demo, NSN takes densification to the next level, using new bands down to millimeter wavelengths. The company is also demonstrating a mobile network ‘on demand’ concept, which has been developed with a leading Asian operator.

Based on virtualized programmable infrastructure, it applies Software-Defined Networking to complex mobile network functions. Another concept project, with an advanced European operator, shows the full potential of real-time big data analytics for enhancing network performance.

Partner activities at MWC, including joint demos with 3 operators and 10 industry players, are further concrete evidence of our cooperation across the industry to spearhead innovative technology advances in areas such as Authorized Shared Access and Carrier Aggregration and help operators support 1000x more capacity by 2020.

NSN’s demo of Centralized RAN, an example of a FutureWorks innovation that is now commercial, is based on a stadium trial with an Asian operator, where we not only doubled uplink speeds, but also increased capacity by a factor of 10 at the cell edge.

The TD-LTE demo showcases their unprecedented 2.6 Gbps TD-LTE throughput record over a single sector, achieved recently with Sprint – using our commercially available Flexi MultiRadio 10 platform.

NSN’s recently launched Cloud Application Manager, now part of our telco cloud portfolio, is also a FutureWorks innovation.

In addition, NSN showcases two of the world’s first commercial applications of big data analysis to network performance enhancements. NSN CEM for Loyalty Scores gauges in real time, manages and enhances a KPI that matters most to operators’ executive boards.

Predictive Operations, based on a joint project with the the winner of NSN’s Israel Innovation Competition and now part of the company’s Managed Services portfolio, gives operators the capability to tackle potential issues as early as two days before they might impact network performance.

Mobile Guard, an operator-driven FutureWorks innovation project, uses advanced network traffic pattern-matching techniques to pinpoint and contain malware attacks.

The NSN Experience Center in Hall 3, which houses the company’s biggest ever collection of performance-enhancing products, services and solutions, also highlights LTE-Advanced and Single RAN, as well as Flexi Zone and Wi-Fi.

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