Nokia, Qualcomm Test LTE-A 3-band CA

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Nokia Networks and Qualcomm have completed operability testing for LTE-Advanced three-band carrier aggregation (CA), capable of achieving peak speeds of 300Mbps.

The tests involved aggregating 40MHz of spectrum across the three 3GPP spectrum bands used by SK Telecom.

Interoperability testing was performed at the Nokia Networks laboratory in Germany. They used base stations from Nokia Networks and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

“By applying Carrier Aggregation to more than two bands, we enable operators to turn their investment in 4G frequency spectrum and networks into marketable higher data rates,” Nokia Networks head of FDD LTE Tero Peltola said.

“With this interoperability test campaign, we have verified that our Carrier Aggregation implementation works perfectly with user devices based on Snapdragon processors.”

Huawei completed a field trial of three-band carrier aggregation in June in co-operation with South Korea’s LG U+.

Nokia and SK Telecom have also tested 10-carrier aggregation, achieving a world-record LTE downlink speed of 3.8 Gbps. Original post by Dylan Bushell-Embling at Telecom Asia

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