Nokia, HP Team up to Boost Telco Cloud Adoption

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Nokia Networks has teamed up with HP to accelerate the deployment of telco clouds based on ETSI NFV principles.

The companies plan to develop a joint telco cloud offering that will let Nokia Networks VNFs run on a cloud infrastructure layer based on HP’s Helion OpenStack technology.

The system will integrate HP’s data center hardware, hypervisor and virtual infrastructure manager with Nokia’s Cloud Application Manager. The product is expected to be available by mid-2015.

Nokia Networks EVP for global services Igor Leprince said the two companies will also work to help foster the technical, serve management and commercial capabilities required to deliver and operate a telco cloud.

“Services are fundamental to enable the transformation that the cloud promises to operators for telco and IT applications,” he said.

“Working together, Nokia Networks and HP can deliver the expertise and technological leadership that mobile operators need to gain the full benefits of a complete telco and IT cloud solution – and all under one contract for simplicity.”

The companies will also work to identify areas for future co-operation, such as expanding the functionality of the joint offering.

“Operators want the same advantages enterprises have experienced with open source-based cloud solutions,” HP SVP for HP Cloud Saar Gillai added. “Together, Nokia Networks and HP plan to deliver a pre-integrated solution leveraging our cloud platform and their VNFs to provide customers with a simplified and faster means to deploy NFV services.” Original post at Telecom Asia

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