No Demand For 900 MHz on Day 9 of Indian 2G Auction

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The 63rd round of the ongoing Indian 2G auction completed on Wednesday with no exchange of bids in three metro circles, where 900MHz spectrum is being set on auction at the end of Day 9.

While, 10th day of the auction started off today from Rs 61,000 Crore in terms of value, which is about 27% more than the total value of spectrum put up for auction at the reserve price.

Report released by Department of Telecom indicates that that there was no change in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata circles, where the 900MHz spectrum is being put on auction.

Excess demand for 1800 MHz spectrum was recorded only in Assam and Madhya Pradesh circles after the end of 63rd round on Wednesday.

Ironically,  demands for spectrum in metro circles, in which the participating eight bidders fight aggressively in initial days, seem to be tapering off. Price for 900MHz spectrum in Delhi remained same for second consecutive days, while demand for Kolkata and Mumbai in the band remained unchanged for third and sixth consecutive days.

Not only in metros, demand for 1800MHz spectrum in other 22 states is decreasing day by day. The deficit trend of demands for spectrum seem to signal out that the day to end the auction is not so far.

On Wednesday, Kolkata circle was the highest demand in 900 MHz and in 1,800 MHz highest demand was seen in the Delhi and Assam circles.

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