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New Sponsor, New Prizes, New Resources, And Only 3 Weeks To TADHack-mini London!

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Dialogic are also sponsoring TADHack Global, TADHack-mini Chicago, and TADSummit. Vince Puglia will be joining us to mentor, he’s a TADHack winner from last year, winning the Tropo TADHack Prize with his WebRTC-based myVirtualLesson hack.

The new prizes are 2 Parrot bebop drones from Matrix.org.

And there are now lots of developer resources and how-to videos available, just scroll down on the TADHack-mini London main page to the Developer Resources section, and click on resources of interest. Its important you review these resources before coming to the event, we’ll not be running lots of boring presentations. Rather at the event you chat with the people who built the platforms to help you with your hack.

For developers attending in-person at IdeaLondon:
When you arrive go to the registration desk to pick up your badge, and then go to the sponsors’ tables of interest and chat with them. You’ll see their logos on the 7 big tables we’ll have in the main room (Truphone and UCL are sharing a table).
We’ll start at 9AM, most mentors will be there by then, its not a strict start time, arrive when you can. Earlier gives you more time to work on your hack.
The schedule for the 2 days is on the main TADHack-mini London page, just scroll down.

For developers entering remotely:
Please have your video submitted by end of day Saturday 11th April.
Create a video demo of your hack, upload to YouTube, and send the link to info@tadhack.com. Describe and demo the hack however you like, from simple screen walk-throughs to a little acting, whatever you feel comfortable giving. Its the idea that is judged not its presentation. The maximum video length is 5 mins. Please include the following information in both the video and email:
Names: Name of the hack, and names of all the team members.
Sponsors: Which sponsors should judge your hack: Apidaze, Dialogic, Google, Kandy.io, Matrix.org, Telestax, Truphone, UCL
Location: Where are you and the team based?
We’re excited by all the registrations coming in, you will meet a diverse group: students, enterprise developers, small companies and start-ups with cool services, developers from well-known brands, to world-renowned developers. We also have remote hacks coming in from around the world. We have even more exciting announcements coming up – more on those next week.

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