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New Line App Enables Group Conversation For 200 People

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Japan’s Line Corp. has introduced Popcorn Buzz, a new group calling Android app that enables up to 200 people to join the same conversation at once.

Have you ever called someone and thought, “Man, this technology is ancient! I wish I could talk to more people at once.”

The company said, “In search of a better way to get in touch with all the people close to you, all at the same time, we’ve released a revolutionary group calling app called “Popcorn Buzz,” and it’s totally free!”

Popcorn Buzz is great when you want to:

– Plan a wedding, party, or any other get-together. Work out the details with everyone all at once!

– Have a party with gamer friends. Keep in the game, and let Popcorn Buzz handle your communication needs!

– Keep in touch with faraway family. No long distance or group call charges to worry about!

– Have a work conference call. With Popcorn Buzz, nobody’s left out of the discussion!

With Popcorn Buzz, there are no complicated settings, cables, or passwords to mess around with. Whether you use it for conference calls or chats with friends, Popcorn Buzz is a snap to use, setting you free from fuss, and letting you focus on the conversation. But don’t take our word for it; give it a try yourself, it said.

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