Net Neutrality: OTTs Are Doing Well Because They’re Better

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Every couple of decades comes a new set of technologies that end up disrupting the existing business models. This is the cycle of life. We’ve seen this phenomena occur many a times over the last century globally across multiple industries. We saw it happen in the US in the late 1800s with the shipping industry being disrupted by railroads. We saw it again in the early 1900s when kerosene oil lamps got disrupted by the rise of AC electricity lighting homes in a much cheaper way. Today, we are in the midst of another, and I do believe there are subtle differences between the disruption of today and previous cycles because of how tightly coupled the new and the old paradigms are: internet and telecom companies.
One of my favourite authors on the topic is Carlota Perez. She’s written a great book called Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital. Click here to read original post at Financial express

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